Monday, May 10, 2010

Jakob Dakota King, 10 May 2004

So, Jakob turned SIX today!!!!!!
Wow, I just can't believe it. What a fun kid he is turning out to be. He adds so much sunshine to our home and is always trying to make us laugh. Jakob loves to be silly,he is super sweet and has the cutest dimple on his left cheek.
The other night Jakob came to me and told me that he is a christian now because he prayed and asked God to forgive him of all the bad stuff he does and that Jesus would live in his heart. Praise God, that's the most important news any of my kids could ever share with me.
I love this little guy more than words can express, I'm so proud to be his Mama and look forward to sharing in all that he does and experiences while he is my six year old little boy!
Happy Birthday, love!!