Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Be careful what you blog about!!!

So I am scrolling through my blog when I came across March 16th! I wrote about serving...getting more involved...and the possibility of volunteering at the Crisis Pregnancy Center.
Amazing how God works when we let Him!! Thru actually voicing my intent to serve the Lord in a greater way, that gave me a sense of accountability.....I said I am going to do this, now I have to do it! So after re-reading what I wrote back in March I thought I would share a little about how God has worked in and through me over the past couple of months.
I did indeed go to the pregnancy center and pick up a volunteer application. I chatted with the lady there for a bit and took my application home to fill out and bring back when I got around to it. Well I brought my application back and an interview was set up with the director of the center and the chairman of the board of directors. I went to my interview (which I was not at all nervous about, I mean I am just going to be interviewed to make sure I am a qualified well-intentioned volunteer). The meeting was not overly long or grueling and I was excited to get on board with the ministry. So finally at the end of the interview the pastor who is the chairman of the board for the center says to me "I told myself I wasn't going to say anything, but I think I have to." I was rather confused and said uh ok.. He went on to tell me that he wanted me to be the next director of the center. I smiled politely and said I would think about it. I left thinking that man is crazy and there is no way at all that I could possibly do that job or even be qualified. After all, I just came in to volunteer once a while! I left with no intention of really even thinking about taking that job, in my mind there was no way it would even work out.
The beginning part of April I left with my family to go back to the states because my mom was very sick, we ended up staying for the whole month and when I returned to Germany I was ready to start my volunteer training at the center.
Day 1 of my training went great and I was relieved that I was not asked at all about whether or not I was interested in the directors position... Until I was walking out the door to leave, "oh by the way have you thought about the directors job?" I said "yes, I am not going to do that and here's why..." I listed all my reasons why I couldn't do it. The lady told me to pray about it before I dismiss it completely (which I already had) So anyway, the Holy Spirit wouldn't leave me alone about it and for the sake of not making this story any longer I will say I ended up as the new Director of the Kaiserslautern Crisis Pregnancy Center.
I have been in this position for 3 weeks now and I have to say it is so fulfilling to be doing the work of the Lord. I am so excited to say that I have had 3 different young ladies come into the center requesting material help for their babies, each one of them is from Africa and studying at the university in Germany. I am about to start meeting with them to discuss the Bible and am excited to see their interest to talk about spiritual things, I have already had the opportunity to pray with and for each of them and their babies (2 are to be born in the fall and 1 is already 2 months old). Yesterday was the first time i met with one of the girls and when she left she looked at me and smiled and said I'll be waiting for your call to come back!
So I write all of this not to brag on myself or to say look at what I have done. But to say look at what God can do when we let Him do what He wants to do with us.
And the most important thing I have learned from this experience is that God does not necessarily call the equipped, but He equips those who He calls. I am a nervous wreck each time that phone rings or a young women walks into that office. Its by the power of God and His immeasurable strength that I am able to do that which He has called me to do!

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