Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I recently had to write out a one page paper on my salvation testimony for my husbands application to The Masters Seminary in California. I though I would share it with you all!!

(p.s. James was accepted, Im so proud of him! We are now waiting on the Army and Gods perfect timing as to how soon we can go)

My Salvation Testimony, by Jessica King

I was born to parents who were young teenagers. They were not Christians nor did they come from families of believers. My mother was 14 and scared; she wanted to have an abortion. My father was 16 and also scared but would not let my mother consider the abortion. Like I said my father was not a Christian, but felt strongly about abortion being wrong. My parents stayed together for only a short time after I was born and after they split I stayed with my mother. Both my parents were living lifestyles that were full of sin and substance abuse. When I was 5 years old my father married my stepmother and shortly after realized that the way in which both he and my mother were living their lives was not suitable for raising a child. My father admitted himself to rehab and sobered himself of drugs and alcohol. After this he sought and won custody of me from my mother. When it came time to enroll me in school my father and stepmother wanted to put me in a private school because the city we lived in was fairly rough and the public schools were not very nice. Although neither of them were Christians they ended up enrolling me in a Christian school. It was here that I first learned about Jesus, I had never been to church or been taught anything about God. My 1st grade teacher (Mrs. Hapner, I will never forget her name or face!) was sharing the story of Jesus during the Easter season. I remember her showing a picture of Jesus on the cross and telling the class that He died like that to save us from the punishment for all the wrong things we have done. She went on to tell about Jesus’ resurrection and presented us with the opportunity to pray and receive Jesus. I prayed with her that day and my name was written in the Lambs book of life! When I was 8 years old my family moved to a new town. My parents, not yet Christians, thought they should check out the church in town so they could bring their kids to Sunday school. There was a temporary preacher filling the pulpit who led both my father and step-mother to the Lord. I told my parents that I had already prayed with my teacher and that I was saved. After speaking with the preacher, he baptized me along with my father and stepmother. From then on my family became very involved and faithful to the church. I spent my teenage years in youth groups and while attending a youth conference pledged to live my life in Christian ministry. When I was 19 that same preacher who baptized me as a young girl was performing my marriage ceremony to his son! My husband, James, and I always attended church together and always saw God as a part of our lives. However, after about 5 or 6 years we really started to get serious about actually getting involved in the church and really learning to serve God. It was during this time that James told me that he was feeling called into ministry. It wasn’t long before I felt Gods peace and His call to serve along side my husband wherever He would have us. We felt the need to make a public profession of our call to ministry and went forward on a Sunday morning during an invitation after the church service. The most amazing testimony I have to share is that recently our 2 oldest sons and my mother have accepted Christ. I was able to watch my husband present the gospel to my mother who was on her death bed. We prayed with her and I believe with all my heart that she was saved at that time and just 6 days later went to live with Jesus in heaven. I had been praying for my mothers’ salvation since I was a teenager. I cried so many tears about her being lost and prayed so many times for God to bring her to Him. Not only was it amazing to see her and my sons accept Christ, but to be reminded that God is faithful and He always hears and answers our prayers.


  1. Wow, Jessica. What a story. Awesome.

  2. You are amazing! i miss your grace and love daily. Can't wait to catch up. We will be in Germany in March/ April for R and R! Hope you are still there. I'll have to give you a call to ask you about things while planning!